Parish Council Policy Documents & Planning Guidelines

Standing Orders (adopted May 2021)

Brampton Financial Risk Assessment (adopted March 2021)

Brampton Code of Conduct (adopted May 2021)

Financial Regulations (adopted May 2021)

FaceBook Policy (reviewed May 2021)

Social Media Policy (reviewed May 2021)

GDPR Security Compliance Checklist 1 (reviewed May 2021)

Data Protection Policy 1 (reviewed May 2021)

Adopted Chapel Brampton Conservation Area Management Plan Feb 2020

Special Planning Guide Church Brampton

2022 ICO Registration Certificate

Audit Documents for YE 31st March 2021

If you would like to review any of the parish council’s financial documents, please contact the clerk to arrange a time.

Notice of conclusion of audit

PKF Report & Certificate PKF AGAR returned

PKF AGAR returned

Brampton 2021 Audit Covering Letter

Church & Chapel Brampton Agar Page 3

Church with Chapel Brampton Internal Audit Report 2021

2021 Making provision for the exercise of public rights