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Welcome to the Website for Church and Chapel Brampton Parish Council. We are two established villages a short drive from Northampton. Here is a little bit about us.

Settlements are known to have existed in the parishes since the Bronze Age through to Roman times and the two villages of Church Brampton and Chapel Brampton were a single village mentioned in the Doomsday Book as Brantone, then as Brampton Parva (or Little) and Brampton Magna (or large) and in the 13th century ‘Chyrche’ was first mentioned in relation to Brampton Magna and ‘Chappell’ was used for Brampton Parva in the 15th century.

Church Brampton was an important route to Holdenby and Althorp Houses from the south and Chapel Brampton provided a staging point on the Turnpike route from London to Nottingham and beyond.

Living in the Bramptons

The present day villages are administratively and ecclesiastically known as Church with Chapel Brampton and collectively as ‘The Bramptons’. They both have ten (Althorp) ‘Estate’ cottages but with Church Brampton consisting mainly of large 4 to 8 bedroom detached  dwellings (population approx. 300) and Chapel Brampton containing four estates of 8 to 39 dwellings in mixed, predominantly 3 or 4 bedroom cottages and houses with a population of approximately 475.

The Bramptons Primary School in Chapel Brampton is thriving under the leadership of John Gillett and his team. There are two prep schools in the area: Spratton Hall and Pitsford.


There are three pubs, two conference centre/hotels, two golf courses and two horse riding establishments.

The Brampton valley with one of the two branches of the River Nene flowing through it forms a barrier between the villages and an expanding Northampton to the south east and the west coast railway route to the south west also forms a barrier.

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