Review 24.4.2019

Northampton Chronicle and Echo article:

The school continues to flourish and due to its success is the most oversubscribed primary school in the county, now for two years running. However, due to its admissions criteria putting our linked area before anywhere else, it is able to accommodate all the children from The Bramptons who applied.

The school continues to look outward into its community and this year has really strengthened its friendship with the church. The Christingle service this Christmas was magical. The school has not neglected the other bastion of community, the pubs, with carol singing as both the Spencer Arms and Brampton Halt. The school also visited Brampton View Care Home and sang carols.

After a small break, the school is delighted to report that The Brampton Stars friends’ committee has been reformed. The committee is very enthusiastic and has lots of new ideas, including a regular community coffee morning. Look out for news of that.

The school continues to promote its values of respect, loyalty, honesty, compassion, perseverance and courtesy and expects its children, parents and staff to show these at all times. The school doesn’t have an endless list of school rules; if the children are sticking to its values, they will be doing the right thing anyway.

The headteacher believes that happy children learn more and happy staff teach better. This is something he strives for in the school and, so far, it appears to be working.

Last year he joked that the school’s success had raised house prices. He believes this positive trend continues in line with the school’s progress. Bramptons Primary School has been the most successful school in the county over the last three years and ranked in the Top 50 schools in the UK. The school received a letter from Parliament, signed by Damian Hinds and Nick Gibb, congratulating it on being in the Top 1% of schools overall. It was particularly welcome that they had noticed as they are a bit busy at the moment.

The headteacher thanked those that attended its various events throughout the year. The money raised from these events is crucial to the school’s success. Despite what the government would have us believe, spending on education is inadequate and being squeezed constantly. It was terribly sad when Great Creaton School had to close. Bramptons’ success ensures that a school is available for all the village children, a crucial part of any community.

Adapted from a speech made by John Gillett, Bramptons Primary School’s headteacher, at the Annual General Meeting of the parish council on Wednesday 24th April 2019.